For Tina, the news of her cancer diagnosis was life altering, but not entirely unexpected. Tina’s mom lost her own battle with breast cancer in April 1995, when Tina was only 25 years old. Knowing what her mom went through, it was always Tina’s goal to fight with dignity and strength to defy the odds and live every moment to the fullest. Her family and friends rallied around her for the fight of her life, including a year of treatment and recovery, after which Tina looked upon her life with gratitude and new-found appreciation.


Tina joined BAYS in 2005, a few months after diagnosis, and in 2006 joined a group of BAYS members who hiked to the bottom of the Grand Canyon to raise over $40,000 for local organizations providing support for women with breast cancer. In the canyon, Tina was inspired by the strength and majesty of the California condors flying overhead. The Canyon Hike was one of the hardest things Tina had ever endured, apart from cancer treatment. The condor serves as a reminder of the courage and strength that all survivors share in Tina’s mind and heart.


Tina had to learn the hard way that life is short, so she tries to make it sweet every day. The collective wisdom and support of the BAYS group has played an integral role in helping her to do just that.