BAYS Memorial Garden

What is the vision of the BAYS Memorial Garden?
In the time when a body feels battered by incisions, needles, measurements, prescriptions, prostheses, and indignities of all kinds, one of the most healing things can be a place of respite: a spot in the shade, or the sun on one’s face, a bench with a view, or feeling the tactile qualities of earth, rock, and leaf. Our members are seeking a small sanctuary in which to gather, to connect to the outdoors, to help beautify, and to meditate on the healing process. The idea is to create both a memorial and healing space that celebrates both life and honors those who have passed.

How will the space be used?

We envision using this space of reflection for periodic gatherings on our own or in small groups, to honor the memory of those who have passed, offer solidarity to women in need in an outdoor setting, and involve the broader communities of friends and supporters in a community-building and city beautifying effort that will bring sustenance to many. The space would clearly be open to enjoy as a respite and place of reflection for the entire city community, many of whom have no doubt been touched by health challenges.

Where will the memorial be located?

The proposed location is for the seating area at junction of Arguello Blvd and Conservatory Drive in Golden Gate Park.

What might it look like?

Current designs propose replacing the existing broken benches and cracked pavement. A walkway flanked by native plants will open to a circle of benches. We imagine the memorial to be discreet and unobtrusive, so as not to take away from any of the park’s other community uses. The trees and plants will reflect the adjacent Oak Woodlands. InsideOut, a landscape architect that has donated incredible time to this effort, has created the following design.

What are the next steps?
The BAYS Memorial Garden has been approved by the City of San Francisco and the San Francisco Parks and Recreation Department. We expect construction to begin in Fall of 2023. A dedication ceremony will take place in early 2024 once the Memorial Garden is complete. Stay tuned for more details.
Questions and Comments
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