Lindsay Hopewell

Board Member

Hi, I’m Lindsay Hopewell. With a strong family history of breast cancer, I started having routine mammograms at 28 (10 years prior to when my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer). 


I learned at 34, I was a carrier of the PALB2 mutation and moved to also having yearly MRI screenings. At 38, my routine MRI found that I had stage 3b invasive ductal carcinoma (IDC) estrogen positive. I completed ACT chemo, had a double mastectomy with later reconstruction, completed radiation, and had my ovaries and tubes removed. 


I joined Bays almost right after my diagnosis and I found Bays to be a soft space to land and connect with other members who I could relate to and share space with. Bays helped me get through some very hard days during all of my treatments. I’m learning to focus on my “new normal” in my daily life. 


Precancer I was a pediatric speech language pathologist, I enjoy spending time with my husband and daughter and two energetic labradoodles. I also love being outside, working out, and horseback riding.