After taking a shower one day, Laurie checked in the mirror and was shocked to see that her left breast looked strange on the underside. She poked around, and felt a lump. She was diagnosed with Stage 2 breast cancer three days later. Her breast exam and mammogram had been negative just four months before.


Laurie quickly connected with BAYS. During her mastectomy, chemo and radiation treatments, BAYS was an amazing source of support and information in Laurie’s life. She values the active, helpful online group, the drop-in monthly support group, and the mindfulness-based stress reduction course led by another BAYS member. Mostly, she appreciates BAYS as an organization that helps her connect with other women who understand what it is like to be young and have breast cancer.


Laurie has been deeply grateful for the steady, loving support of her husband and school-age son, her family and network of friends. Dancing and following the Giants with her loved ones are two of Laurie’s greatest passions.