Jean and her husband had put off having children into their late thirties. After a miscarriage and difficulties conceiving, they decided to try IVF and were hopeful their luck would change. Just days before Jean was scheduled to begin medications for their first attempt, she discovered a lump in her breast. She felt lucky to get an appointment for a biopsy almost immediately–but incredibly unlucky to learn she had cancer.


For Jean, the most crushing blow from her diagnosis was losing the opportunity to get pregnant. Instead, she turned her focus to learning about the disease, choosing her team of doctors, and starting treatment. The “cancer crash course” was overwhelming, but the relative quiet that followed it was even worse. For a year, Jean was extremely depressed.


With time, the sadness began to lift and Jean and her husband began thinking again about the possibility of having a child. They knew there were no guarantees that Jean’s cancer wouldn’t return, but they were determined to look forward and to follow through with their dream. With the help of a gestational carrier, Jean and her husband welcomed their son into the world 3 years after her initial diagnosis. They’re thankful everyday for the joy he’s brought them.