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Eileen was 39 when she was diagnosed with triple-negative breast cancer. She had just left her job to work for herself and found the lump in her right breast in the same month. Eileen’s life got thrown into a whirlwind of confusion as she was forced to deal with the unknown. She preserved eggs in fertility treatment and started chemotherapy right away. Being single, her Mom offered to help and moved in with her.


Eileen’s doctor advised her not to work during chemotherapy, so she lacked the social network that work previously provided. She quickly joined BAYS because she had read that support groups are known to help people stay strong through treatment and thereafter. “I am never alone with my BAYS sisters.”


Eileen wanted her “cancer tattoo” to be visible and defiant, a constant reminder of strength. For Eileen, it helped her get through a rough 16 rounds of chemotherapy.