The first time Amy heard the words “you have cancer” was actually in a dream. Two months after turning 40, Amy had a vivid dream in which she heard a loud voice saying, “You have breast cancer, and it’s growing.” Slipping out of bed and using only the light of the computer screen, Amy started to research the lump that her ob/gyn had told her was nothing just 18 months before. After that dream, however, Amy finally listened to her intuition and was diagnosed through an ultrasound and biopsy a few days later. She found BAYS through an Internet search the same week she was diagnosed.


Amy has been involved with BAYS throughout her cancer journey. She attended monthly BAYS support groups during and after treatment, as she was figuring out her “new normal” way of living as a survivor of cancer. Whenever there is a question, a concern, an anniversary to share, or wisdom to impart, Amy corresponds with other members of the group via the BAYS online network, and she knows that they “get it” without having to go into a long explanation.


As part of her healing journey, Amy just finished a book she worked on for 4 years to complete. The book is called The Healing Path to Spiritual Health: Tools of Recovery for Cancer Survivors ~ Integrating Spiritual Healing with the Mental, Emotional, and Physical Healing from Cancer. Anyone who would like a free copy may email Amy at or complete the online request form at