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BAYS is a support community for young people with breast cancer in the San Francisco Bay Area. We are an inclusive breast cancer community for those experiencing the unique issues that come with having breast cancer at a young age.

Welcome to BAYS

Our goal is to support young people with breast cancer in the Bay Area.
BAYS provides a welcoming, safe community for young breast cancer patients, survivors, and thrivers. Our breast cancer support community is built on compassion, understanding, hope, and inspiration. BAYS members share information, resources, and experiences to provide a soft landing space for people facing the particular challenges of being diagnosed with breast cancer at a young age.

We are an inclusive breast cancer support community and welcome LGBTQIA+ members, as well as those who come from a variety of life experiences.

We support anyone diagnosed with breast cancer at age 45 or younger living in or being treated in the Bay Area

What We Offer

Young Breast Cancer Support Community

BAYS thrives as an online breast cancer support community via our Slack group and Google group, and offers monthly support meetings and other community-building events via Zoom that are specifically geared towards young people with breast cancer in the San Francisco Bay Area. When it’s safe to meet in person, we host events such as in-person support groups, hikes, fun outings in the city, and other activities based on what best serves our community of Bay Area young people experiencing breast cancer.



Events For Young Breast Cancer Patients

Community-building events have included social events like hikes, picnics, holiday parties, planning sessions for the BAYS Memorial Garden at Golden Gate Park, writing workshops, book readings, and participating in the annual San Francisco Pride Parade. They have also included educational events on reiki and healing touch therapy, medical marijuana, lymphedema, and physical intimacy after cancer.



Stage 4 Breast Cancer Support

BAYS also offers a special support group called Mets in the City (MITC) for members with metastatic breast cancer.


Our key events are

  • Support Groups
  • Hikes
  • Runs
  • Retreats


There are many resources available to young people experiencing breast cancer.


Financial assistance




Day-to-day assistance


Education resources

BAYS in the Media

BAYS Anthologies

BAYS has published three anthologies of writing by BAYS members about their experience, and a fourth anthology is planned for publication in 2022.

BAYS in the News

BAYS members are out in the world sharing their experience in a variety of ways. Learn more on the media page.

Other Writing by Members

Writing can be a key part of healing for people with breast cancer, and the BAYS community includes many people who document their experiences through writing. Check the media page to learn more about them.